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Scarves - Parivara & Tu
Scarves - Parivara & Tu
Scarves - Parivara & Tu
Scarves - Parivara & Tu

The Sunset Sky Scarf


The sensual magnificence of this scarf captures the colors of sunset dancing off the ocean. Watching the vastness of the ocean sky merging with the water, slowly gave way to the stirrings of what was not yet Parivara & Tu. Possibilities were forming. Feel the possibilities. 

It's sheer, it's elegant, it's beautiful. This scarf is a knock out. The sheerness of the fabric and the way you wear it, can vary the color just enough making it a fun, gorgeous and versatile accent! 

Each product is made in India and individually hand crafted with love. Small imperfections only add to its charm and character. 

  • Light and dark blue, yellow, and pink (intensity of color may vary)
  • Approx 42 x 79 inches 
  • Sheer Silk Chiffon
  • Handwash separately in cold water