Social Impact for Destitute Children in India - Parivara & Tu


We begin in India 

because of the desire to give back to the people who enriched our lives so much by their generosity, love and hospitality. Parivara & Tu was born in India after she stole our hearts and awakened our spirit. Our dream seemed to so easily unfold there due to the welcoming community that we found in the artisans, people, culture and spirit. The people we met always had an inviting smile and a cup of chai tea. They were eager to share their stories and make you feel part of their family. It was easy to get absorbed in the fabric of India. Creating with them was just a natural outpouring of wanting to remain connected. Though we went home we never left. 

Every purchase creates opportunity for our artisans 

The skill of block printing in India is passed down in the family and often requires a community working together. The community we chose to work with is filled with kind, energetic and enthusiastic people who take great pride in their work. Our working relationship was a by-product of mutual respect and friendship. Supporting our company helps support our community of artisans. As we continue to work with them, we are ensuring their jobs and a sustainable income for their families.

Every purchase contributes to an orphan in India receiving education, food, shelter and healthcare

We want to better the world. There are many social and environmental causes that we want to support. Our first stop are the children. We've decided to partner with the Welfare Society of Destitute Children for the wonderful work they're doing for their orphans in India. The organization provides education, food, shelter and healthcare. They are committed to providing educational empowerment, child rights, survival and healing to children from displaced communities and families. The more money they receive the more children they can take in.

Supporting us supports the cause. Together we can create change.