Product Background - Handmade Eco-friendly Fabrics - Parivara & Tu

We take pride knowing our products are eco-friendly. All our products are produced by hand, meaning there is no machinery involved. Each product comes from the talented hands of an artisan in India using ancient techniques. We believe we have an obligation as a business to ensure that our production is not harming the environment. We need to cherish the planet that gave us the resources to pursue our venture.
Our fabrics are derived from materials found in nature, leaving the final fabric to be deliciously soft and feel very similar to the original source material. We use natural dyes made from herbs, fruits, teas, clays or other natural materials. As natural dyes have limited color options we also offer low impact dyes. Low impact dyes, which can also be referred to as azo-free or fiber-reactive dyes is a category of synthetic, chemical-based dyes that are significantly better for you and the environment than conventional dyes because they don't contain any toxic compounds or heavy metals.
The designs for our fabrics are made in India using the ancient technique of hand block printing. The area in which we work is known for its natural dyes and wood block printing on textiles. These prints are famous for their exceptional quality of being eco-friendly. Even today, artisans use traditional vegetable dyes for printing the cloth. For example, the color blue is made from indigo, greens from indigo mixed with pomegranite, red from madder root and yellow from tumeric. Usually, vegetable dyes, mineral and non-toxic dyes are used.

The beautiful art of block printing employs wooden blocks to print designs or patterns on fabric by hand. Block prinitng is unique in that the artist creates the block before printing. It is carved onto the block by hand. Following the magnificence of the carving process, the blocks undergo a series of natural and sustainable steps to ensure they will last for decades upon decades. The carved block is used for replicating the design in the preferred color on fabric.

Our pottery is handmade by talented artisans in Jaipur, India. The process begins with a stick to get the potters wheel spinning very fast. Once ready, the artisans put the dough on the wheel and put their skilled hands to work. Thereafter, the product is dipped in clear glaze and fired once in a wooden kiln. Blue pottery is an extremely delicate and sensitive form of pottery, because a ruined product cannot be reworked, and it is not possible to predict the result beforehand. The pottery is an art form that distinguishes itself from all other forms of pottery due to the dough that is used, rather than clay. The color palette for the paints is restricted to non-conventional colors such as blue, green, white and sometimes yellow and brown.