Join our Ambassador Program

Together let's make change

If you are an aspiring social entrepreneur wanting to change the world,

then you're in the right place. 

Why become a Parivara & Tu Dream Creator?

Make your dream a reality!

 Are you an aspiring social entrepreneur wanting to make a difference in the world? Welcome to the club! Fulfilling this dream is empowering, we know from experience. We want to spread the empowerment to each of you. Parivara & Tu is offering you that opportunity by joining our ambassadorship program. As an ambassador (or as we like to call 'em dream creators), you will have the opportunity to sell Parivara & Tu products on your terms while earning an income.


You will build your own business!

Step into a leadership role and build your own business! This is your show, build a business that fits your lifestyle. As a dream creator you will become a business leader in your community, feeling empowered while empowering others. Get creative and have fun with the ways you spread your new business and role as a leader making global change. 


You will contribute in global healing!

As a dream creator, every sale you make is going towards a powerful cause. Parivara & Tu is a social enterprise that helps initiatives in the human and environmental sectors. By promoting Parivara & Tu you are helping to change the world for the better. We are starting with the children! Presently, each purchase helps get destitute children in India food, shelter, education and healthcare. As you help us build we will continue to support world pressing social and environmental causes. Together we can make a difference!


You will be joining a family!

Here at Parivara & Tu we cherish family. It's right there in the name, "Parivara" meaning family and "Tu" meaning you! You help make up the family. We are building a loving community that thrives on empowering one another, following their dreams and wanting to make the world a better place. 





The Starter Kit


In order to get you started, this kit includes one of each product that we offer at an extremely reduced price for a total of $100 ($582 retail value). In addition to the products, you will also receive Parivara & Tu business cards and product description cards. You must purchase the starter kit to become an ambassador.



If your questions aren't answered below, email us at


How does my involvement make a difference?

At Parivara & Tu we are all about making an impact. The involvement of others will help grow Parivara & Tu at a rapid pace! As we grow, we can actualize more dreams by supporting more artisans and their families, and support more social and environmental world pressing issues. With your help, we can expand and create change in the world!



What are the incentives? 

You will receive 30% of each sale you make! You will also have a chance to make more of an income through teams. For every sale your team member makes, you will receive 5%. You will also receive a 25% discount when you shop Parivara & Tu.



How do the teams work?

When someone you recommend becomes a dream creator, you become a leader and they become part of your team. When they succeed, you succeed. Meaning, you will receive 5% of each of their sales. 



Am I responsible for shipping the product?

Nope! Once an order goes through, it will appear on our server. We'll track each order, wrap them with love and send them on their way. This way you can focus your energy on building your business!



What are the expectations of me as a Dream Creator? 

To have fun, be creative and promote Parivara & Tu in a positive light! Add your own pizzazz with the way you sell your products! Go ahead and organize something as big as a trunk show or as intimate as a potluck with a few friends. Get creative with the ways you promote your ambitions on social media and sell the products. We encourage that you portray our message of actualizing dreams through empowerment, interconnectedness, opportunity and healing on a global scale. Also, give us feedback! We are a family and your opinions and ideas are how we will continue to grow.


How do I retrieve my commission and discount to the store?

You will be provided with your own login and dashboards. There you can access your unique link, update details and run reports. We will also be able to track your sales and will then send you the appropriate amount of your commissions through PayPal.
Your discount to Parivara & Tu activates once you make your first sale. If you continue to make at least one sale every 3 months then the discount will remain active. If not, it will expire until your next sale!


Do I have to worry about taxes? What's my employment status?

Ambassadors operate as Independent Contractors of Parivara & Tu. Ambassadors are not considered employees of Parivara & Tu. For tax purposes, they are listed as self-employed. Since you are not an employee of Parivara & Tu, you will not be sent a W-2. You will only receive a 1099 for any given year if you have been paid $600 or more in commissions. 

You are not required to have a Federal Tax Identification Number for your business in the Ambassador Program. When it comes time to file your taxes, you can simply file under your social security number. However, if you earn a large income from the program, or it’s your primary source of income, you may want to consider applying for an Employer Identification Number for filing your taxes.

How do I leave the ambassadorship program? 

When an ambassador initially signs up, they have the option to opt into 3 months, 6 months or a year. When their time is up, ambassadors will simply let us know if they wish to continue and we'll make note. If ambassadors are not interested in continuing at any time, they can shoot us an email and we will buy back their samples assuming they are in good enough condition to sell.