About Us - Welcome to Parivara & Tu


You're witnessing the birth of a dream. A dream to own a company, sell beautiful products and make a social impact. Yet, Parivara & Tu is more than this; it’s the catalyst for one’s journey. Our mission is to inspire, awaken and unite as we open our hearts to life’s possibilities. As you follow us on our journey, we aspire to encourage you to follow yours.


Parivara & Tu is our spiritual journey born out of a period of transition for both mother and daughter, which overlapped in a synchronistic time in our individual travels. The story began with yet another ongoing conversation about professional aspirations and direction… and then it happened, our rational logical conversation was interrupted with a blip… “You know what I’d really like to do?”… as simple and complex as that. There it was, the unspoken dream now had a form. We were both there at the same place, the same time, years apart but so together in our desire and vision. It brought about excitement, trepidation, laughter, exhilaration… it brought about Parivara & Tu.  




Our products are infused with energy containing life’s natural forces. Observing the organic process of their creation was powerful-- watching a fabric being dipped into a vat of natural vegetable dye set into the earth and seeing it lined up into rows as it dried in the sun or seeing real flower petals added to a pot as they swirl around in the beautiful colors which would then be pages of a journal. All the products are individually crafted by skilled artisans, using ancient techniques. Each step of the manufacturing process is hand-done, which means that each product though similar is unique and personal. The beauty of watching the production awakens the senses. The final product is its magnificence.     



We chose Parivara to symbolize our company because the word means family. The spark started with just a mother and daughter. Our desire was for this venture to embody the essence of family. It grew to encompass our dear friend in India who lovingly and skillfully navigated us through his beautiful country, the artisans we partner with, the orphanage we chose to support, and to all of you our loyal following. You help to make the family of Parivara- hence, "& Tu." Plus, we love the way it looked... aesthetics is everything!    



Cheers to Parivara & Tu!