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Scarves - Parivara & Tu
Scarves - Parivara & Tu
Scarves - Parivara & Tu
Scarves - Parivara & Tu

The Midnight Dream Scarf

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Except for the light of the moon and the stars, the darkness that night on the beach in Goa gave way to the sounds of the distant waves and one's inner voice. Darkness can be so compelling. It heightens your other senses and allows you to hear things you would normally ignore. Close your eyes and listen; you never know what you might hear. 

The deep rich profound statement of this scarf with its bold design and depth of color makes it perfect for adding pizazz... you know, a kick in your step! 

Each product is made in India and individually hand crafted with love. Small imperfections only add to its charm and character. 

  • Black and cream white (intensity of color may vary)
  • Approx 40 x 84 inches 
  • Soft organic cotton
  • Handwash separately in cold water