essence of parivara & tu

Parivara & Tu is so much more than products. It’s a way of being. Parivara & Tu developed for me out of adventure, creativity and dreams. Parivara & Tu is the journey and everything that implies.

But first and foremost, it is the journey of yourself, your soul, the part of the self that lies deep within—a spark that is smoldering but needs more oxygen, more energy to ignite. It’s the spark that can give way to a flame if allowed—a flame of passion, of insight, of enlightenment, of desire. We all have it. It’s the best part of ourselves. Parivara & Tu is about recognizing that spark and finding ways to ignite it.

Parivara & Tu has provided me with so much hope and joy already. It was a leap of faith. Something I believe that I do but actually wrestle with. I didn’t realize how much until I decided to pursue this venture.

The youth and energy of my daughter helped me quiet those nagging thoughts of “what if” and “this is crazy.” Although she had some as well, we just balanced each other and let the excitement take over. For me this was freeing, to just ride the wave of excitement and dream of the possibilities and not get derailed by those thoughts that can sabotage. If you quiet the mind, you can free the soul.

Parivara & Tu for me is the soul taking flight. Our hope is that the energy is contagious. That you get caught up in the wave and celebrate the world of Parivara & Tu. Parivara & Tu is about creativity experienced by these amazing products—rich in texture, vibrant in color, entrenched in ancient tradition, created with loving care.

Parivara & Tu is about partnership and friendship, a blending of vision, design and craftsmanship. It is about a connection that spans different cultures and time zones that connects two worlds and allows you to entire a world of gentle people who are always welcoming. Parivara & Tu is a family, an interconnectedness between people. It’s not only our own immediate family, but our adopted family in India and our consumers—all lives touched by Parivara & Tu.

Parivara & Tu is about awakening and seeing more clearly—that is a process. It is a journey we are all on. It’s about choosing whether or not you want to see, dare to see, and then to feel, think, and do. It’s a state of mind. One of hope and love, peace and joy. As we venture on this journey together, finding our way, may we find strength and comfort in each other as we pursue and proceed—as we continue to live and seek as we go.