the beauty in feeling small

What makes people all line up to watch a sunset-- people of all nationalities speaking different languages, cameras in hand, standing there watching as the sun slowly descends beneath the clouds turning the sky a multitude of such vibrant colors that a painter’s brush could only attempt to rival such beauty?

During the time when sunset begins until it is dusk, there are cameras clicking away, gasps, fingers pointing—a universal language of awe as we watch nature’s magnificence. I am right in there; afraid I will miss it trying to capture it.

But I have always been moved by nature’s wonder —a beautiful sunset, the ebb and flow of the ocean waves, the beauty of animals, a natural landscape. I believe this is a universal language that we all share.

For me, I have always found comfort and peace in the wonders of nature. It is something that has helped me even in troubled times. I find comfort in its majestic beauty. At the same time, its grandeur humbles me—that feeling of being small brings me serenity. The vastness of the ocean makes me feel small in comparison and helps me to put things in perspective. The consistency of the rhythm of nature is predictable and comforting. It is a constant that warms me and makes me realize my place in the scheme of it all. No matter what happens, the ocean will still make its way to shore, the sun will still set and rise, the birds will still chirp, and the rain will still fall.

All around us is the beauty of life. Most times, myself included, we get so caught up in routine and responsibility that we don’t see; or, we may for a second but feel too pressured to stop for a moment and truly appreciate. We wait for when we have the time, like on vacation… when all of a sudden the sunset seems special and amazing. Is it that it has changed or that we have?

I have grown to realize that we always think if we miss it one day there will be another chance. But no two sunsets are the same as no two experiences are the same. In nature’s constancy and predictability, there are slight variations, which make each experience unique and special. That is true for most things.

I have tried to teach my children to slow down and savor the moment as I have learned this. You may think that there is all the time in the world, but time is all oh so precious. Not to live for anything but this point in time… for that is truly all we have.