possibilities for the morning

What did your morning look like today?

Did you pop out of bed with a smile, did you hit the snooze button 12 times, did you indulge in some exercise or even that favorite bagel and schmear, did you mindlessly scroll through every inch of social media, did you lay in bed dreading the day ahead?

Each morning is different. The feels and sensations tend to vary from day to day. Try to remember a day when you woke up in a good mood. On this day, I’m sure you had a kick in your step. You were probably able to smile and bring positive vibes not only to yourself but also to the people around you. However… I’m sure you can just as easily picture a day that was the exact opposite... where you wanted nothing to do with the responsibilities of being a human.

I’m beginning to realize that the morning is a precious time. It can often have the power of predetermining the rest of your day. I’m also beginning to realize that in order to turn those grouchy mornings into positive ones, it’s work! It is freaking work.

As I write this blog I find myself reflecting on the early stages of Parivara & Tu. There was so much uncertainty. Countless questions regarding, well…everything! With uncertainty it’s also easy to feel fear. But that was a problem, because I didn’t want to bring fear into this adventure. I had to get comfortable with suppressing the fear and looping positivity with the uncertainty.

Now, this is an interesting concept, because this doesn’t only pertain to my new adventure with Parivara & Tu, it pertains to the entirety of life. Uncertainty is all around us. Let’s face it, as much as we try to be in control, we aren’t. You may have your day, or even life, planned to a T, but it’s messy out there and we all get thrown curveballs.

I remember that first morning in India so vividly. Eating breakfast as we eagerly sipped our chai tea, chatted and fantasized over what was yet to come. That day, meeting our first manufacturer, which would easily tell us very quickly whether our dream was plausible. I remember having a touch of doubt and anxiety, but I was surprisingly more optimistic than anything else. I kept a smile, took a deep breath, kept my head high and hoped for the best.

And the best in that situation did happen. I think back on that morning as an example for myself. That’s all we can ever really do-- hope for the best. It sounds cliché but working on a smile and positive attitude can take you a long way. Because even through all the uncertainty, each day matters. It matters in the way you treat the people around you, how you treat yourself and even the outlook you have on your own life.

It all starts with the morning. If you wake up in a shitty mood, stop and look inside yourself. Try to avoid the negativity, toxic thoughts or even social media that’s causing it. And just breathe. Smile. And try to bring positive light to yourself because after all, that’s really the only thing we have control over—ourselves.