listen to the whispers

So here I am writing my first blog for Parivara & Tu. This is WILD! Who would have thought a few months ago that this was part of our journey? So much has happened in such a short period of time. It’s been like a whirlwind. But we are on this adventure all because we said yes to the yearning and tugging on our hearts strings. We listened to the inner voice; and what’s really wild is that we are at the same place and time in our personal life travels to want the same things! – a new adventure.

It all starts with a whisper. When you are still and you allow that small voice to be heard. It’s the message you hear when you let go of the fear. It’s the message you hear when you let go of the judgment. It’s the message you hear when you let go of the rational mind. It’s the whisper of the heart. It’s there. You have to allow yourself to hear it.

We allowed ourselves to listen to the whispers. What’s wild is that we both had them separately, and then sparks began to fly when we put them together. Mother and daughter with a similar aspiration, a similar vision—it was like one voice, one dream unfolding. Parivara & Tu happened when we no longer listened to the logical rational mind and said yes—when we opened ourselves to possibilities. Hell that happened when we spontaneously decided to visit India!! We are here and it is magical—alive, vibrant, enveloping us with new, different and exciting sights, smells, sounds and tastes.

The need for Parivara & Tu begins in India. It is amazing watching the artisans as they create such beautiful products using ancient techniques. Watching the care and precision that goes into each step. Our vision took hold here. And now I am on this magnificent beach in Goa feeling exhilaration and a sense of peace. While sipping a mojito I felt the need to write—so here it is!

Whispers—its your intuition… hard to hear and easy to dismiss. The rational mind is so strong—filled with shoulds, can’t, what if. And there may be those who question your vision and then it makes you question your dream.

The spark may be there but a light goes out and you go back to the status quo. So it becomes a fleeting moment and after a while you don’t hear the whispers at all. The moment is lost.

But whispers don’t have to be life changing ones. They can be simple things like call someone, turn left instead of right, etc. It’s just important to start to hear and listen to them because that is your higher self speaking to you… get comfortable with little whispers then bigger ones can happen.